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DoDIG “found no evidence to suggest that the Air Force or [Lockheed Martin] exerted inappropriate influence over DCMA”

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The Pentagon’s inspector general said (pdf) neither the Air Force, Lockheed Martin or the Defense Contract Management Agency did anything wrong after it reviewed the circumstances surrounding a DCMA letter (pdf) justifying a bonus for one of its employees.  The letter stated the employee played a lead role in helping to reverse a contract termination decision for Lockheed Martin’s C-130J aircraft in 2005.

My former employer, the Project On Government Oversight, wrote the inspector general in September 2008 and provided the DCMA letter. POGO’s executive director Danielle Brian wrote, “The letter provides a shocking level of insight into the resources, time and effort that was spent by an agency inside the Department of Defense working with the contractor to thwart Secretary Rumsfeld’s decision to terminate the C-130J. We are particularly disturbed that the DCMA assisted the Air Force and Lockheed Martin in its lobbying efforts.”

The inspector general said its “discussions with personnel at DCMA, Air Force headquarters, and the C-130J SPO [system program office] supported statements made to us by the employee that he did not work on a termination cost analysis.”

The inspector general also said the letter was erroneous because of confusion between DCMA supervisors over what the DCMA employee actually did.  “Since the award justification was in error, we referred the issue to the DCMA for potential administrative action,” states the report.


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June 15, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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