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File Under “Not Surprising”: Defense Procurement Wonks Like Star Wars

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A friend of mine provided me with a fairly elaborate powerpoint presentation on the history of changes to how the Pentagon procures major weapons (e.g. planes, tanks) over the last 35 years. It won’t be of interest to anyone but wonks who pay attention to defense procurement (like me). However, even I would have probably skipped over this if not for the Star Wars soundtrack music embedded in the presentation.

Many of the changes seem trivial, for example, renaming a phase in the process. “It’s no wonder the acquisition process is in such a shambles when you see all the silly, trivial changes made over the years that have had no visible impact on the products of the process,” my friend wrote. “I take that back, obviously the data show that the impact over the years has been negative — things are far worse today than they were 35 years ago.”

Star Wars – History of Changes to Defense Acquisition Management, 1971-2008


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February 1, 2009 at 3:47 pm

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