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Intel contractors cost more than feds

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Federal Times’ Elise Castelli reported:

The average contract employee employed by intelligence agencies costs 65 percent more than the average federal employee costs, a new study by the Office of Director of National Intelligence shows.

Contractor employees cost $207,000 on average in direct labor costs, which does not include management overhead costs, said Ronald Sanders, associate director of national intelligence for human capital. Meanwhile, federal employees of those same agencies cost $125,000 each, including salary, benefits and lifecycle costs, he said.

Intelligence agencies employed about 27,000 contractors in 2007 for data gathering, analysis, information technology support and other work. They augment the 100,000 military and civilian federal employees who work for those agencies.

“There is work being done by contract personnel in the [intelligence community] today that we would prefer be done by U.S. government civilians, but for limitations on the number of civilians we can employ [on] our payroll budgets,” Sanders said.

Although contractors are performing core functions, Sanders stressed these functions are not inherently governmental.


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September 2, 2008 at 11:42 am

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